Winter’s first week at home


Really stressed out. Constantly whining and crying. Pissed right away when being put into the cabin bag for the first time. However, she did manage to sleep through the flight.

Signs of bloat.

Did not sleep through the night. Woke up several times to whine and cry.


Drank tremendous amount of water and pissed constantly. The urine was clear and mostly odorless. Sleep pissing twice and woke up from sleep a few times to pee right away.

Pooped twice in the morning then one at noon.

Had accident of guarding toys with Haley. Snapped at Haley twice, probably due to Haley’s heavy breathing  while playing. Since, they were separated.

At night walk, Winter was barked at by two daschhund. As a result, she is now afraid of the breed. Later that night, she ran into the opposite direction when almost encounter Piku and her human family. Afterwards, Winter was too afraid to meet the family so she ended up being held in my arms while we were talking. She was still too afraid, did not look at the family nor liked being touched. She turned away immediately as their hands reached.

Pissed countless times.

Managed to sleep through the night.


Pooped in the morning right after getting out of the house. She was fed and drank water before that.

Snapped at Haley twice during walks, probably due to the fact that she was walking and getting treats from papa. Thus, considered papa as food source and did not like it when being swapped to walk with mami.

Water has been limited today.

Hiccuped 3 times during the days, probably stressed out.

At the moment, Haley was too afraid of the puppy due to the few accidents that puppy snapped at her today. Haley tried not to look at puppy straight in the eyes and avoided contact.

Haley got soft stool in the evening, could be due to stress.


Haley pooped twice right next to each other, liquid dark poop. Foul smell.

Winter pooped in the morning as usual, a bit soft. Did not like to go further from the building so just walked around inside the building.

Decided to fast them for the day.

Diarrhea-ed, drippy liquid poop inside the building at the afternoon around 1pm. Foul smell, dark color.

Drank less water today, pissed less.

Vomited in the evening during walk, probably due to hunger.

Haley vomited later at night with yellow foam, also a sign of hunger.


Breakfast with chicken and sweet potatoes.

Winter pooped normal again, in the morning. However, during walk at night around 8  pm, she pooped soft again.

Haley did not poop today.


Haley pooped normal during walk in the morning.

Winter pooped inside the house in the morning, on the puppy pad. Normal poop with stones in it, probably the result of stones eating during walks.

Ran out of food so they both got a tiny bit amount of dry food in the morning.

Fed big lunch around 1 pm. Winter pooped shortly after that, normal looking-ish, a bit yellow and small around my pinkie size. She did try to eat it afterwards as well.

One more bad fight and a few accidents between them today.

Also, water was limited. Winter pissed less today. From the morning when we woke up until 4 pm, around 3 or 4 times.

Current food portion is 2 cup a day.


Early morning feed at 7 am. 1/2 cup.

Morning poop for Winter as usual. Bigger amount of poop, soft and yellow. Took her afew attempts and about 40 seconds to pass all the poop.

Frustrated at home in the pen. However, whenever I let her out she misbehaved, either attacking my pants, my feet or Haley. Haley is mad at Winter, at this rate I wonder if they would ever make up. Could not figure out the reason why she acted so delinquently though, cos I did walk with her outside for an hour. Right the moment we stepped our feet inside the house, she just had to attack Haley.

Took a nap from 12 until 14, Winter was napping at the same time as well. Woke up, let her out and she misbehaved again. Walked her out, she stopped so many times to eat rocks and attack my pants. Also, she did pooped quite much. Bright yellow color and really soft. Did take her a few attempts and some time again. On the other hand, she was scared of people, did not let anyone pet her. Either stopped when they approached or ran away.

Came home and played in the common room with a ball for a while, she seemed tired and out of breath so I took her home. Fed her water and hand-fed 1/2 cup food at the time with Haley. After the meal, she nipped Haley again and was put into the pen.

Evening short walk with Haley, had 1 cup dinner afterwards.


Morning walk with papa. Poop a bit dry.

Had 1/2 cup food at noon. Not much activities today, much time spent sleeping in the pen due to bad behavior.

Pooped again at 2 pm inside.

Water limited today.


Water was still limited.


Still limited her water.

Took her to the dog park. Played really nicely with Haley and Rafu whenever there was a new dog in the park. Otherwise, she started chasing them around to nip again.

Good appetit, had 1,5 cup of food today.

Let them stay at Valentina’s for the afternoon. They seemed to do well there, played quite nicely.

Haley still got her serious barking problem. Need to work on that. On the different note, Haley ate a lot of sand at the dog park and pooped out just sand a few times. Also, vomited at 5 am in the morning twice.